Good Gift Ideas for Runners

Holiday shopping and birthdays coming up and you know a runner or two, then it is the ideal post for you. We look at some of the favourite runners gifts that any athlete would appreciate.

Garmin Forerunner
An excellent gift is the Garmin Forerunner as it offers a GPS watch while also capturing essential running data that measures pace, distance and times.

Karrimor 2 Bottle Belt
Any runner needs a bottle belt to stay hydrated and this model holds two bottles as well as a zipping compartment that could house a mobile phone or keys, etc. then it also features a headphone port which few others have and easily plugs into any headphone cable.

Gore air gloves
These gloves are snug fitting, super-light and low insulation.

Running Revolution Book
An excellent book any runner would appreciate is the Running Revolution that guides you to faster, further and injury free running and written by an Olympic coach. It is a great guide both for professionals and novices.

Running socks
The best running socks are the R-Gear Drymax Dry-As-A-Bone socks which accordingly keeps socks twenty times drier than any other sock and ideal gift.

Head sweats Performance UltraTech Running Headband
This headband is both breathable, quick drying and lightweight and very cheap too.

CW-X Ventilator Compression support Socks
In the running world these socks are very sought-after and with fine mesh and squeezy feeling on the soles aiding in muscle support.

Apple iPod Shuffle
Apple offers runners the perfect tiny and portable device that is also wearable. It is lightweight, useful and cheap too and has storage for more than 300 songs. You could also combine it with the Wi-Fi option allowing a bored long-distance runner to do a spot of gambling on one of his favourite websites like bets10( See: ) or  rulet oyna on, making a spot of money, keeping busy while sweating out on the road.

Airia One
Said to be the world’s fastest running shoes you will not go wrong when. Investing in a pair of Airia One running shoes.

Gym Bag deodorizers
Very few people even realize that you get an innovative gift like a gym bag deodorizer to offer a fresh gym bag. Especially runners who sweat a lot and placing objects in their gym bags that causes additional sweaty smells.