Important Things to Remember when Running as Beginner

Decent running shoes
A mistake that new runners make is thinking that when not running fast or far that any pair of sneakers will do. This is a very bad assumption as proper running shoes are important for support and cushioning for right foot strike, stride and body type

Listen to your body
One of the most important aspect of running especially for new runners is listening to their body. Discomfort is normal in the beginning however knowing your body and where to draw the line between discomfort and real pain and causing unnecessary injuries.

Accept running as your lifestyle
When you want to be a runner or plan to take up running you need to realize that it is a lifestyle more than just a sport. A runner needs discipline, recovery, nutrition, hydration and sleep. These are lifestyle changes that you incorporate into your daily life.

Self-care for injury prevention
Only self-care can prevent injuries and it should not start after the first injury but with prevention through self-care. Strength t training, massages and yoga are part of the good prevention techniques and even limited amounts are adequate from five to fifteen minutes per day.

Heeding a ten percent rule
When a beginner runner overdo it by running too much too soon is a big reason why many give up get burnout and injuries. When not following the ten percent rule you will suffer from possible muscle strains, runner’s knees, stress fractures and shin splints. A beginner runner should thus only increase running amounts by ten percent per week. Intensity should also be kept at a minimum in the beginning and also ramped by ten percent weekly.

Runner’s definition
You will often hear that a beginner does not call himself or herself as runner. Reasons include no having participating long enough, are not very fast or cannot run as far or do not feel like a typical runner. However it is true when you run and putting one foot in front of the other while running you are considered a runner. You do not need to complete a race, compete in a race or wear racing clothing to be a runner.

Walking is Okay
You might be under the impression that you simply have to run all the way, but that is quite untrue. If you want to walk, then walk as it is quite okay. To stick with running you cannot push yourself beyond personal limit and a great way to start a running habit and sticking to it is indeed run-walk-run.